What Has Momma Been Up To?!

This week has been a very busy week for Momma doing what Momma does best! Cleaning and Pet Sitting for some of the cutest furbabies that you will ever find.

We were happy to do our first Spring Clean of the New Year! Some may ask what is involved in a Spring Clean. Basically the Spring Clean requires special attention to every surface of the home. We concentrate on all wood polishing it to shiny perfection, windows and sills, blinds, light fixtures, stainless steel in the bathrooms and kitchens, special attention is given to the floors and we move furniture (as we can) to clean under and behind to rid all dust and hiding pet fur. We also lift couch cushions and use the pet removal attachment on the vacuum.

Momma talks over any special requests with the home owner to assure that we do all the tasks that they are in need of doing. Normally a Spring Clean takes all day as detail work takes a lot of time as we pay very close attention to ridding as much dirt as possible. A Spring clean may be broken up into 2 or more cleaning sessions if that is easier for the homeowner and their schedule.

Momma is happy to assist you with your Spring Clean projects whether it is a specific job as windows or outside porches to complete surface cleaning. Let us help you with your Spring Cleans and watch your home shine!

In between our many cleaning assignments this week, we were very busy caring for some of the areas cutest pets around! We had the honor of caring for Ms. Rosie and Ms. Pippi and of course Toofie was nearby to be sure that we were doing our job. We enjoyed beach walks, playing ball, rewarding treats and just downright pampering these furry family members!

Today it was a beautiful day to take Sir Jack and Ms. Carolina Darlin to the beach. It is always a joy to take these two precious pups to the beach.

Remember whether you need daily care or long term care for your precious furry family member, you can rest assured that Momma will take special care of your pet. Call us to discuss your pet needs when you cant be there for them.

Thank you to all our many clients and those that have entrusted us with their pets, we appreciate each and every one of you,

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