The Great Pug Rescue!

(As witnessed by Tamara)

It was the typical day for us here at Momma Knows Best. We were sitting at the local McDonalds where we had been doing interviews most of the day to add to our awesome team. Anyone of you that has the honor of knowing Kres knows that she is constantly in "Pet Rescue Mode"... today was not much different, As she finished up her last drink of coffee her attention was drawn towards the window to the outer Piggly Wiggly parking lot. There it was, the cutest little round Pug you ever did see wandering towards the road. I knew what was about to happen as it had so many times before. "LOOK A DOG! I HAVE TO SAVE IT!" Off she went running out of the dining room. I knew then that our day had just become very atypical and we were in for another adventure as only we often times seem to find ourselves involved in.

I watched out the window as Kres ran to rescue the unassuming Pug. Out of the corner of his eye he had caught a glimpse of his captor and decided it was time to run and I do mean RUN with full speed ahead. Knowing there was little I could do at this point I decided to wait.....and wait....and wait. "Well, where had that girl gone?" I thought to myself. Surely she had retrieved that Pug by now and would be back. I decided it was time to investigate. I grabbed our things and headed for the truck only to find that Kres had taken the truck keys with her. All I could do was to wait.

Several minutes had passed and finally a very red and out of breathe Kres could be seen crossing the street towards me. She came and sat down beside me outside of McDonalds. She explained that Pug decided to take her on a chase towards the Thirsty Goat only to seem to vanish from her sight. As we were talking, as it was fate, there he was again! Pug had come back and was running right past us in the opposite direction. Once again Kres was up and running. She shouted back loudly "get that dog a burger", hoping to entice this defiant Pug with the power of food. With burger in hand I quickly jumped into the truck to find Kres and hopefully the Pug.

Suddenly my phone rang and I heard a frantic Kres yelling, "We are towards the Pawn shoppe and running towards under the bridge." I quickly drove in that direction. By the time I got under the bridge and caught up with Kres, Pug was just a few yards in front of us. Determined and with burger in hand I drove quickly to get in front of him. He had stopped for just a moment to quench his thirst in a mud puddle. "Ah ha! I got you." (I thought smugly to myself) I jumped out of the truck and broke a small piece of the burger and gently threw it towards him. He looked at it for a moment, perhaps thinking that a snack would be nice but not at the price of his freedom. He quickly shot around me leaving me with my hands on my hips shaking my head frantically. Kres had jumped into the truck hoping we could get an edge on him. Off we went once again.

We followed close behind as the Pug got closer and closer to the Highland View bridge. "Oh no, he surely wouldn't go over the top would he?!" As soon as the thought came to mind we saw him. There he was trotting happily up the bridge. Soon we were at the very top with Pug running on the side. Kres yelled. 'LET ME OUT!" I said, "WHAT?!" Now those of you that know Kres, know that it is futile to argue when that girl is on a mission, especially when it involves an animal of about any sort. I stopped and she jumped out of then truck to once again start the hot pursuit of this fugitive Pug.

I promptly picked up my phone and updated Caisey, our wonderful local Humane Shelter director who was already on her way to assist in the chase. "He's on the bridge. The big bridge. I can't believe it, Oh no. He's going to get hit."

Pug decided to make a big commotion and run right out in the middle of traffic. Cars were honking loudly, people were yelling, Kres was shouting. I know that some didn't quite understand why this crazy woman was at the top of the bridge yelling with such great determination. At one point, the St. Joe Police rolled by and when they saw what was occurring laughed and said, "There's no way you are catching that dog! Lots of people have been trying for over a week!" To tell Kres that she can't do something, well, that is only like waving a red flag in front of a bull. It motivates her more! She knew, I knew, that she would not stop until she had rescued this Pug!

Traffic stopped as a frantic Kres was trying to prevent Pug from being hit. It was utter confusion. Pug would have no part of this as he quickly thwarted the attempts of being captured only to run to the other side to pursue his adventure heading down the bridge. By this time, a wonderful man from St. Joe Pool Service had joined the chase in his truck and both he and I pulled over to the side of the road to await Pug's approach. "Here he comes." I shouted. as soon as Pug saw us waiting for him, he turned and went back UP THE BRIDGE. Kres and Caisey were waiting and when Pug saw them, he swiftly turned around to come back towards us, but he added a twist. He crossed right between two moving cars and headed toward the beach side. Anticipating his next move I pulled over to the other side and continued to follow him. I thought to myself, "Just how much further can this Pug run? I know, I will follow him and wear him out!" I could see Pug at one time turn his head as the drool was dripping down from his mouth. He was panting hard. Surely he will give up soon.

Pug decided to cross back over the road and take the first street leading into a neighborhood. Both my helper and I saw this move and drove quickly behind him. Pug made a right hand turn. I saw where he was headed "Perfect!" I thought to myself. He was running towards a house with a enclosed chain linked fence and the gate was open. The man assisting me in the truck had seen this too. Working almost like a tag team, I drove to get front of Pug, The other truck was behind him. I jumped out and as Pug neared the fence we guided him straight into the fenced property. I grabbed both sides of the gate and pulled quickly. Pug had finally, after close to an hour and half pursuit, been contained.

Within moments, Kres and Caisey pulled up. Kres entered the property and gently picked up Pug. He knew that his adventure was now over. He surrendered without a fight. Kres calmly told Pug he needn't be afraid and that he was in good hands. Pug seemed to be relieved.

After a trip back to the Humane Shelter and a short stay, he was reunited with his family and his pug sister.

Momma loves our furry friends. We take good care of not only your pets, but also those that need rescuing as well. Momma truly goes the "extra mile"...quite literally!! In this case it was several miles!

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