We Love Furbabies and Know How to Clean Up After Them!

We absolutely love our furry family members! Let's face it. They can leave the house a bit messy. Fur and little foot prints throughout the house is a common problem for all of us that have adopted fur babies.

Today Momma was busy cleaning at a residential clean. As with many of our wonderful private clients we were honored to be in a home with pets. It is always a special day to spend cleaning and spending time with the furry ones.

Pets shed and that means fur on virtually every surface of the home. Momma knows how to check under furniture, clean fan blades, dust under hard to reach places and more. We use the latest tools such as a vacuum with fur removal attachments that easily take off fur. We are well experienced in knowing how to clean up after your furry friends.

So Pet owners when you need someone with a lot of experience as well as a great love for your pets, give us a call and let us show you how your home can sparkle and shine even if you have those furry family members.

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