Preparing Your New Home! (Construction Clean- Day 1)

One of Momma Knows Best services provides professional post-construction cleaning to prepare the home for the move in.

This weekend we are doing a construction clean for a home that we have been providing services for since the beginning of construction of the home, We first went in during the building of the house to provide the "during" construction clean which included removing drywall dust, prepping floors, removing building debris and preparing the house for final interior work.

We are so excited to have begun the final post clean on this beautiful home. In this final clean we are paying close attention to every detail. Today we removed all packing from appliances, vacuumed all cabinets out including the tops of all cabinets, wiped out all cabinets, checked all appliances to assure that all were in working order. carefully cleaned all surfaces, cleaned out sink and area. We also started the cleaning of the windows which included removing all stickers, removing all dust from sills, remove excess sealer from around windows. Larger debris was removed from floor to begin final floor clean. All kick boards, door frames, walls, and doors were wiped down for dust.

Tomorrow will be "Day 2" of the clean and completion. We will include final photos tomorrow.

If you are in need of construction cleaning that pays very close attention to every detail from the beginning of the project to the end, please give Momma a call and let us show you why we are number 1 in construction cleaning in this area.

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