Private Residential Cleaning

Private residential cleaning allows you to enjoy a clean home without the hassle of taking time out of your busy schedule to make it happen.  Allow us to make your home clean and beautiful so you can enjoy more of your life. 


Momma sets up an initial free consultation to see your home and to discuss expectations of your clean.  We also will discuss cleaning products and special requests to assure that you are getting the service that you are requesting.

General Cleaning



Clean sink
Clean counter tops

Clean cabinet fronts

Wipe front and door of dishwasher (load or unload dishes- if applicable)

Clean counter type appliances (coffee makers, toasters, etc.)

Clean refrigerator (outside)

Clean oven and stove top (wipe out inside, clean glass) clean any range hoods

Sweep and mop floors

Clean baseboards

Dust blinds (dust only)

Ceiling fans

Empty trash and replace with clean sack


Clean toilet

Clean bath/shower/doors and outside 

Clean sink/faucets 

Clean mirrors

Clean counter tops

Dust any shelves

Sweep and mop floors

Clean baseboards

Restock paper products (from your supply)

Replace towels (if applicable)

Dust blinds (dust only)

Empty trash and replace with clean sack



Make bed or change sheets (if applicable)

Dust and polish any wood

Clean any glass

Clean baseboards

Dust blinds (dust only)

Ceiling fans

Sweep floors (mop if applicable)

Living rooms, family rooms, offices (other rooms in house):


Polish wood

Clean glass

Dust blinds (dust only)


Clean under furniture (sweep) - will be moved when able

Dust picture frames

Ceiling fans

Dust shelves 


Sweep and clean stairs and handrails

Clean off air return vent

Clean doorframes

Clean entrance areas (inside)

Clean elevators (if applicable)

Oven cleaning

Inside of refrigerator/freezer

Windows (inside - outside if easily accessible at ground floor or porch or if windows turn in for access

Laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away)

Outside porches and living areas

Outside stairs

Clean blinds