Pet Services

With an extreme love and respect for animals, Momma Knows Best started offering pet services.  We have four furry family members of our own which we adore.   Our references include many pet-owners from across the county as well as excellent references from our local Humane shelter where we volunteer.  

We know that your pet is a part of the family and when you can't give them the care that they require, we can be there to give them care, love and understanding in your temporary absence. 


Momma Knows that it is less stressful if a pet can stay in their home and we offer in-home services to care for them.  

Free Initial Consultation

The first step is to up a consultation with Momma Knows Best Pet Sitting.

At that time we will meet your pet/s, discuss instructions for providing the highest quality of care possible.

  • Desired number of daily visits

  • Food and treat information

  • Walks and playime discussion

  • Any special needs

  • House instructions

  • All other discussion as it relates to the care of your pet/s

  • Vet information and emergency contact information

Add-On Services:

Momma can provide additional services to provide special care to your pet/s.   Here are a few additional services that we provide:

  • Bathing and brushing

  • Pet- Transport to Vet appts., groomer, etc.

  • In-home stays- we will stay in your home with your pet.  Perfect for the pet with separation anxiety issues.


Now you can keep in touch with your pet when you are away from them!  Our exclusive service offers 2-way communication and give you the peace of mind that your furbaby is safe and sound!

  • We provide the wifi camera (Internet wifi needed)

  • You will have your own password protected secure connection page to view your pet live

  • Your pet can hear you speak to them

Keep in touch with your pet!